Carpool Karaoke with prince Harry in LA

Prince Harry sightseeing in Los Angeles, guided by his good friend James Corden. Wouldn’t you like to see it? So that’s the very first Carpool Karaoke of 2021 and I am definitely looking forward to it.

The new pictures were printed on Daily Mail, the very same vehicle that prince Harry and Meghan Markle are suing, and yet cannot be left alone. And yet, this is good news. As Harry’s friend, James Corden will be on his side, however who’s accompanied his shows know that he does not avoid sensitive questions. Be aware, grey suits!

What is most positive about this is that we shall hear from Harry himself putting the record straight about many of the still gossips, I am positive of it.

Carpool Karaoke is an original format created by James when he moved to America. It was inspired by a sketch he had participated in for the British charity television special, the Red Nose Day, in 2011, in which ends with him singing along with George Michael. Once he landed his talk show at CBS, in 2015, James decided to turn it into a segment, but faced much resistance from musicians, who weren’t really opened to it at first. Mariah Carey was the first American guest, followed by others such as Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Hudson and One Direction. In 2016 Adele was James’ guest and it exploded online, becoming an international hit. Even first lady Michele Obama was a guest at one point. Apple TV licensed the format and produced a similar series, with two guests singing and talking while driving. It lacks the James Corden quality in it.

What is great about the segment, apart from learning more about the songs and other curiosities about the guest, is precisely the way James finds to ask tough questions with humor and respect at the same time. Because of that quality is that we can look forward the carpool karaoke with Harry. it should be fun!


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