Meghan and Harry in March 5th, 2020 and a year later

This picture was taken on March 5th, 2020.

It is one of the most beautiful of Meghan Markle and prince Harry together. They have been away, almost in hiding, for almost 5 months and had announced that they were temporarily leaving the Royal Family. This was their farewell tour.

It rained a lot that night in London, which would make the photos harder to get. However, experience and talent of photographer Samir Hussein saved the day. He “used” other photographer’s flashes to his advantage and capture the bond the couple shared with each other. The look of true love.

Hussein is an experienced Royal Family photographer and in only two clicks made magica happen.

Their happiness would be tested a few days later, when on their very last engagement with the Family was like this.

A year later from that rainy night, Harry and Meghan are living in Los Angeles, established, independent and expecting their second child. And still in opposite side with the Royal Family. Neither distance nor time healed the wound.

The upcoming interview with Oprah Winfrey, on March 7th is bringing it all back together. Accusations from both parties and not even new ones. It’s the hear-say that doesn’t stop anyone from guessing. Meghan politely made it clear she couldn’t care less for retaliation. “We lost so much already”, she pointed. She is right and nothing will prevent her from talking. Enough is enough.

Fans and haters are equally anxious to know what was said. What is clear is that the paradox that so much has happened and yet nothing has changed it’s almost painful. It’s easier said than done suggesting to simply ignore the members of the Firm who are talking about them. Meghan and Harry are winners, they simply don’t need the Royal Family anymore (if ever). Falling for the trap of resentment and trying to control the narrative takes them away from their own goal, which is endorse positive messages and heal. Pettiness cannot be stoped with the same coin. Let them have the position, the Royal brand and even succession. Quitting the Firm should be a 100% out. We’d rather have that image of them smiling at each other. Full, free and above it all.


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