2021 in review: turning point for William

It’s not been as easy for Prince William as it might seem from outside when comparing his brother, Harry. The two most openly fell out, after a lifetime of all the world looking at them as an unity.

So far, much of the gossip industry seem to insist that the two are still (very) far apart. The idea was also supported by Harry’s own words in multiple interviews, but we have seen them together again twice in 2021, politely talking to each other, and hopefully suggesting a reconciliation. How far down the road is still unknown, and it’s most likely depending on Harry’s memoirs, due to come out in 2022.

On the other hand, William is stepping out as a future monarch, a step higher in the hierarchy when his grandmother (if) passes the crown to his father, Prince Charles.

There are many challenges for William in current times, he was raised to follow some rules that seem outdated and complicated (some of those are constantly questioned by Harry and Meghan) and whenever William becomes King, the world will already be quite different from what his grandmother’s reign. Apart from all the drama, and there was plenty of it, William seems to be adapting and gave us a lot more of him and his wife, Kate Middleton, than previous years. Including, yes, some bold looks. Shall we recap some of them?


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