The story behind Meghan’s Blue dress

Meghan Markle first approached fashion designer Christopher John Rogers about a month ago, when she already knew she and Prince Harry would be honored at the NAACP Awards. Christopher is one of the most sought-after designers of the moment, working with Lady Gaga, Michele Obama, and Adele, amongst others. And yet, he felt special when Meghan sent him an e-mail about working together for this event, followed up by a virtual call. Her confidence was what stood with him and her focus on how would be her first official appearance of the year.

She clearly was right in her choice. The silk dress is lovely, with the one shoulder that is so in (and reminds one of her mother-in-law’s most loved looks), as well as brings the Duchess in blue, one color in which she looks amazing.

As the designer mentioned, he picked the color as an homage to fashion photographer Bill Cunningham, who was known to have always worn a cobalt-colored jacket. Plus, using different shades of blue to put is own signature, which is a “sort of graphicism”, as he describes.

Result? Perfection. Naturally.

Other moments she shone in blue


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