Bridgerton 2: nothing wrong with true love 

Everything in Bridgerton works for anyone looking for escapism. The sets, the costumes, the romantic plot, the drama, the suspense, and the solution to the disagreements. Each season, the series will focus on one of the brothers in the family, with first we saw Daphne and now we follow Anthony to find a wife and love.

Anthony Bridgerton is the eldest son of the Bridgertons and is responsible for the family’s fortune and name, need to ensure that – with a good marriage – the bloodline continues. The problem is, he’s terrified of falling in love and now we finally understand why, it’s touching.

And of course, now he’s finally found his soul mate in the figure of the equally complicated Kate Sharma. It’s not her he initially plans to marry, but his sister, but their relationship gets tangled up to the point that it’s undeniably a reissue of Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy, of Pride and Prejudice. Who can resist?

At the same time, we see the potential stories of upcoming seasons looming on the horizon. The absence of Rege-Jean Page was only felt because the absence of the Duke at family events was strange, even with the explanations given. But in terms of storytelling or stars, there was no shortage and that says a lot about the franchise’s narrative quality.

Bridgerton‘s second season calmed our hearts that it would be a flash in the pan. This passion is here to stay…

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