Meghan Markle’s Victory

When Meghan Markle‘s name became associated with that of Prince Harry, although she was cast in a relatively successful series, Suits, she – internationally – was virtually no one. A google was needed to try to locate “Harry’s new girlfriend”. On the other hand, he didn’t need that, because his mother, his title, and his family, was a familiar face in the four corners of the planet. From 2017 onwards, everything changed and she became one of the most influential people in the world, according to Time magazine, which put her on the list (with her husband) in 2021. And her victory cannot be underestimated in any detail.

Beautiful and clearly intelligent, Meghan was threatened, mocked, criticized, and humiliated by the British press, international social media, and worse, without the support of those closest to Harry. From opportunistic to vindictive, the narrative spread in a way that there would be no turning back, but the couple learned how to place themselves and today they are victorious, in control, and independent.

The story of Meghan and Harry, unfortunately, tends to be told as a fairy tale full of villains who didn’t want them together just because they are cruel people. This shallow narrative is of their own choice, sustained particularly by those who follow them, and I am sorry as I think they would be superior to this, but I recognize that it works. There is, no question, a kind of magical element in the equation: a beautiful unhappy prince who is stuck in a system without a prominent role meets and falls for a woman from another culture, who fought for everything she got with work, focus, and talent. With her, he finally found a purpose. This love story is undeniable.

When they claim that Meghan “never wanted to be part of the Royal Family” it’s a good bet that it wasn’t even their plan to start with. As a modern, independent woman she wanted her husband’s and own happiness with honest and dedicated work, so she accepted the challenge and gave her best to it. Not only did this premise meet an insurmountable barrier, but it was also casually used as a cover to cover up other stories that the Firm wanted to hide. In the eyes of a system that would not change, she was seen as difficult, and to this day this view has its supporters. Nothing she did or try was right and that can be very (I have to repeat) overwhelming. Pregnant, unhappy, with no alternative, she confessed that she would rather die than go on like this. And she got out of it never to come back. Brava.

Harry was and is, we can’t deny, a bit of an occasional buffoon. His charisma and beauty have yet to find speech effectively weighty, but he has leadership and a good heart. He does what he believes in for the good and that is his biggest asset as a celebrity. As the sixth in a lineage plastered with power, he would never have a chance or a voice. I don’t imagine it was easy to choose to leave, but in the end, he made the right decision. By supporting Meghan, he found the person who set him on the right path.

I take the opportunity to make a parenthesis here. I am against the professionalism of activism, which is the heart of the couple’s activity, but I recognize the value of their work. Even more, I recognize the great branding and positioning work that Meghan has led in front of her husband, even deliberately putting herself behind the scenes. Cleverly whoever has someone with Harry’s charisma doesn’t need to shoulder it. She managed to turn the negativity into positivity, she knows when and how to find a good photo opt and they embrace the “right” causes. It’s all very perfect.

If in 2021 Meghan Markle became a bestselling author and mother for the second time, she is certainly building a solid communications empire. Comes the reality of Netflix, comes the podcast, more books, and other projects. The sagacity with which he managed to rise again deserves all admiration and applause. By comparison, the strapped structure of the Royal Family loses without the slightest chance of recovery. What is sad is that all of this was achieved with the super public severing of family relationships. As much as we like to know behind the scenes, the only thing is to explore this transparency that yields sales, audience, and relevance. Watching Meghan, I’m sure we’ll soon see a new strategy in the works. Congratulations, women should look at her with pride because she didn’t lower her head and came back with everything. Queen of the people.


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