Prince Harry speaks: “Nothing’s changed for us, the focus is the same”

It’s been a huge deal in regards to Prince Harry‘s latest interview, particularly since he is in the midst of finishing his autobiography and has been quite outspoken about his feelings in regard to his family. Since quitting his position as a Senior member of the Royal Family, after trying a hybrid model, Harry has been at odds with the British press and – apparently – his brother and father. Those feelings are still quite raw as we could tell from the way he avoided the best he could mentioning either of them, even when directly asked.

Harry had a longtime experience with journalists before, however, it’s easy to see how he is, as he is to tell us in his book, became the man he is now. His core is the same: charismatic, funny, outspoken, but he is a tiny bit more guarded now. As he told Today‘s Hoda Kotb, “nothing’s changed” from his original plans with Meghan Markle, apart from restarting independently. “The focus is the same, surely from my wife’s point of view, the two of us, you know? That is the life she signed for, a life of service that we committed as a couple to do forever”, he explained. “Because of the circumstances, we now moved that life of service to the States and continue doing what we have been doing before. Nothing has changed for us, it’s just a bit more complicated because we had sort to restart, you know what I mean”, he continued.

Fully aware that everything he said (or didn’t) would be used against him, he tried to keep talking about the Invictus Games. Still, when asked about “his family”, he dodged the question and said that when he leaves Holland he’ll get back to the US, “and my focus is my family who I miss massively”, meaning his children and wife. Easy to understand what he means.

Naturally, he spoke a lot about his children, especially Archie, and his mother, Princess Diana. In a nod to his brother’s family with Kate Middleton, Harry says as he feels that his mother “has done her bit with my brother [Prince William] and now she is very much like helping me. She [Diana] had him set up and now she’s having me set up”, he said. “That’s how it feels like. He’s got his kids, I got my kids, the circumstances are obviously different but I feel her presence in almost everything that I do”.

That seems to be the tone of his upcoming book. The past is not forgiven, but will not necessarily be exposed too much anymore. Harry is focusing on the future, what’s behind him he’s done with. Sounds healthier, right?

The interview below:

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