Meghan and Harry’s Life on Netflix

Since they announced a contract with Netflix, still in 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle deal with intense curiosity about what they are going to say and show about their lives. After the shocking comments in the Oprah Winfrey interview and some veiled comments from Meghan on her podcast, even more is expected from the backstage records of the two and their conflicted relationship with the Royal Family. The truth is that nothing about the content has leaked and speculation is high. In a few weeks we will see the result on the platform.

The docuseries will undoubtedly be full of images and candid moments of the couple. While it’s unclear how much of their relationship with the Windsors will show – given the physical and emotional distance between them – we’ll get a first-hand look at how Harry and Meghan are building their lives in a new country and a foundation 100% their own, the Archewell.

Reports that there were regrets and editing attempts multiply, as well as conflicts between them and Netflix, which canceled Meghan’s other big project, the Pearl series, and keept the docuseries in the planning. Supposedly, the series will follow Meghan and Harry’s life in Montecito, California, with their children, Archie and Lilibet. In addition to the pandemic, many personal facts must be part of the narrative, including the legal fights of the two against the tabloids, the trips and lectures, the Invictus games and the deaths of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, among others.

What is discussed are doubts about possible discussions with King Charles III, who took over the Crown and has a very different position from his mother on the conflict with Harry and Meghan. According to the tabloids, the couple tried to “downplay much of what they said about King Charles III, Queen Consort Camilla and the Prince and Princess of Wales”, against the producers’ obvious interest in maintaining the authenticity of what was recorded. At this point, anything is pure especulation.

The possible tension and anticipation, doubled with the Spare biography, scheduled for January 10, gained momentum when in an interview with Variety, Meghan seemed to confirm the two’s fears about the series since they have “limited” creative control. “We are entrusting our story to someone else and that means it will pass through their lens,” she said, adding that the final version “may not be the way we would have told it.” Again, this can mean anything at all.

If they don’t include footage and recordings of Harry’s relatives, we’ll still see how they reacted to the family drama behind the scenes, with disputes over Harry’s military uniform, the couple’s rejection of a royal family reception of world leaders and even the fact that Charles has not yet confirmed the new titles of Archie and Lilibet, who as the king’s grandchildren, should be known as prince and princess, but have not yet officially changed their status.

What everyone is talking about is that the Royal Family is waiting until the docuseries and the book come to take new action on Meghan and Harry. And it makes sense. This week, when he turned 74, Charles took a highly symbolic decision, expanding the list of who can replace him. By law, Counselors of State include the Sovereign’s spouse and the next four people over the age of 21, but the monarch has asked the House of Lords to appoint Prince Edward and Princess Anne as Counselors of State too. Which experts point to as proof that it is increasingly unlikely that Harry or Prince Andrew will be asked to represent the King. The novel has not yet reached the end, but it is very close to completion. What are we going to see?


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  1. Adelyn Ivy disse:

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  2. Adelyn Ivy disse:

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  3. Adelyn Ivy disse:

    I Think Meghan Markle Is a Social Climber, Opportunists, Hollywood ‘Mocktress, Faux Feminist,


  4. suzanamonika disse:

    i dont like them i think royalty is old age change them brittain to REPUBLIC all kingdoms worldwides to republics and x king henrys XVII s article 31 they one thomas moore /john fischer died for the dopplets in saints BLESSED ANNE OF ST. BARTHOLOMEW
    Protectress of Antwerp

    Regarding these matters of the war, some things have occurred in my soul which are undeniable. The day on which Maurice Nassau, Prince of Orange, marched at the head of a great army with the fixed resolution of taking Antwerp, he placed most of his troops in many ships. The night was very serene and tranquil; he said to his followers with the most joyous air in the world: ”We will see that there is no one but God or the devil who can cause the failure of my undertaking.” He assured them that they would take Antwerp, and that they would return rich.

    But suddenly a great tempest arose and a very violent cold wind, which froze the water; and the ships with those aboard were instantly sunk. Maurice alone saved himself and with much difficulty, running the risk several times of drowning, struggling against the tempest, the water and the ice, in such wise that he was sorely wounded. From that day he had no health, and finally died in consequence of this mishap.

    The Kranenhoofd on the Scheldt Sebastiaan Vrancx
    The Crane on the Antwerp Quay by the Frozen Scheldt
    Sebastiaan Vrancx (Antwerp, 1573-1647)
    Oil on panel, 1622
    The Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam (Public domain)
    That very night, knowing nothing of the treachery of our enemies, I was seized about midnight with a great fear and I commenced to pray, my arms extended towards heaven, with great impetuosity of fervor. My arms becoming fatigued from being thus uplifted, I let them fall; it seemed to me that someone raised them again towards heaven and an unknown voice said: ”‘Tis not yet time to stop, keep them raised towards heaven.” And I remained thus until near daybreak. I felt then that what I asked had been granted. And really, it was so.

    For my part, I can do nothing
    On another occasion, having gone to bed and being already asleep, I was awakened by cries coming from the dormitory of the religious. These cries continued after my awakening; I called out and, two Sisters coming, I said to them: ”Go through the cells, and see which of the religious is sick, for I hear cries.”

    The two Sisters, after having made the visit, returned to say to me: ”All the Sisters are sleeping, and there is no one sick.”

    I then said: ”Tell all to dress, and we will go before the Blessed Sacrament, for there must have been some treachery. It was our holy Mother herself, it seems, who wakened us.” And we all went before the Most Holy Sacrament.

    Karmelietessenklooster, Antwerp sanctuary
    Carmel of Antwerp, the chapel | Tijl Vereenooghe, ArcheoNet Vlaanderen / Flickr (Some rights reserved)
    I then said to our Lord: ”I bring Thy servants to Thee here. May they ask Thee what I desire; for my part, I can do nothing”; and I meant what I said; for it is the truth that I felt confused in our Lord’s presence.

    We remained a little time in prayer, and soon I felt, without seeing or hearing anyone, that we could retire. I forgot to say that at the same time I heard the cries, I also heard the signal calling to arms in the citadel. I looked through the windows to see if there were any lights in the fortress, for we could see it from our house. I did not perceive any light, all was dark. In spite of that, I felt that some danger threatened us.

    A few days ago I awoke at two o’clock in the morning. A powerful emotion in my soul told me it was necessary to pray, which I did. But after some time, as I was weary, I went to bed again. It was useless. I had become the prey of an anxiety which would allow me no repose. I recognized by this that our Lord willed that I should pray. I began then to pray, my hands raised towards heaven, experiencing a strong emotion which told me to plead for mercy.

    Karmelietessenklooster, Antwerp reliquary
    Reliquary of Blessed Anne of St. Bartholomew shows her praying with her hands raised toward heaven | Tijl Vereenooghe, ArcheoNet Vlaanderen / Flickr (Some rights reserved)
    For two entire hours, from two o’clock to four, without consciousness of myself, and powerless to resist, I remained with hands raised to heaven and interiorly urged to ask for mercy. All the following day I was like one dead, my body bruised as if it had been beaten with a stick. I knew not then what had happened, but they told me later that the heretics had attempted to take possession of the city by surprise, and that they had not been able to succeed.

    Blessed Anne of St. Bartholomew
    Autobiography of the Blessed Mother Anne of Saint Bartholomew

    Blessed Anne of Saint Bartholomew
    Frans de Wilde (Belgian, 1840–1918)
    Oil on canvas, private collection
    Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)
    Pope Benedict XV beatified Anne of Saint Bartholomew on 6 May 1917

    Anne of St. Bartholomew, M; Bouix, M 1917, Autobiography of the Blessed Mother Anne of Saint Bartholomew, inseparable companion of Saint Teresa, and foundress of the Carmels of Pontoise, Tours and Antwerp, translated from the French by Michael, M A, H. S. Collins Printing Co., Saint Louis.


    Quote of the day, 9 December: Blessed Anne of St. Bartholomew
    Regarding these matters of the war, some things have occurred in my soul which are undeniable. The day on which Maurice Nassau, Prince of Orange, marched at the…
    Quote of the day, 3 March: Blessed Anne of St. Bartholomew
    BLESSED ANNE OF ST. BARTHOLOMEWProtector of Antwerp in Wartime Regarding these matters of the war, some things have occurred in my soul which are…

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    6 maj 2021
    This was an unexpected and welcome encouragement to pray this morning, even though sluggish and unwilling.


    6 maj 2021
    What a good nurse and companion Blessed Anne is — just as she was to St Teresa, so she is to us: a helper at every step along the way


    just nu
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    Den 9 december 2022, fredag
    2 fredag i advent
    Juan Diego Cuahtlatoatzin

    Helgon: Juan Diego Cuahtlatoatzin
    Indian från Mexico, född ca 1474. Guds Moder visade sig för honom vid kullen Tepeyac inte långt från Mexico City. Han var en man av ren tro, som med sitt ödmjuka sätt och sin övertygelses kraft lyckades få en kyrka byggd där till vår Frus av Guadalupe ära. Där avled han i Herren år 1548.

    Dagens bön:

    Allsmäktige Gud, låt ditt folk hålla högsta beredskap inför Kristi ankomst, så att vi, så som han själv har manat oss, kan skynda honom till mötes med trons lampor brinnande.

    Gud, du som genom den helige Johannes Didacus har visat den allraheligaste jungfrun Marias kärlek till ditt folk, låt oss på hans förbön följa vår Moders råd som gavs i Guadalupe och i allo utföra din vilja.

    Läsningar: Jes 48:17-19, Ps 1, Matt 11:16-19

    Första läsningen
    Jes 48:17–19
    (O att du ville ge akt på mina bud)

    Läsning ur profeten Jesajas bok.
    Så säger Herren, din förlossare, Israels Helige:
    Jag är Herren, din Gud,
    den som lär dig vad nyttigt är,
    den som leder dig på den väg du skall vandra.
    O att du ville ge akt på mina bud!
    Då skulle frid tillflyta dig som en ström,
    och din rätt som havets böljor.
    Dina barn skulle då vara som sanden,
    och din livsfrukt som sandkornen,
    dess namn skulle aldrig bli utrotat
    eller utplånat ur min åsyn.
    Så lyder Herrens ord.

    Ps 1:1–4, 6 (R. Joh 8:12)

    R. Den som följer dig, Herre, skall ha livets ljus.

    Salig är den som inte följer de gudlösas råd
    och inte går syndares väg
    eller sitter där hädare sitter
    utan har sin lust i Herrens lag
    och tänker på hans lag både dag och natt. R.

    Han är som ett träd, planterat vid vattenbäckar,
    vilket bär frukt i sin tid
    och vars löv inte vissnar:
    allt vad han gör, det lyckas väl. R.

    Inte så de gudlösa:
    de är som agnar som vinden för bort.
    Ty Herren känner de rättfärdigas väg,
    men de gudlösas väg leder till fördärvet. R.


    Herren kommer, skynda honom till mötes.
    Han är fredens Konung.

    Matt 11:16–19
    (De lyssnar varken till Johannes
    eller till Människosonen)

    Läsning ur det heliga evangeliet enligt Matteus.
    Vid den tiden sade Jesus till folket: »Vad skall jag jämföra detta släkte med? De liknar barn som sitter på torget och ropar åt andra barn: ‘Vi spelade för er, men ni ville inte dansa. Vi sjöng sorgesånger, men ni ville inte klaga.’ Johannes kom, och han varken äter eller dricker, och då säger man: ‘Han är besatt.’ Människosonen kom, och han äter och dricker, och då säger man: ‘Se vilken frossare och drinkare, en vän till tullindrivare och syndare.’ Men Vishetens gärningar har gett Visheten rätt.«
    Så lyder Herrens evangelium.


  5. Adelyn Ivy disse:

    I Think Meghan Markle Is a Harpy


  6. Adelyn Ivy disse:

    I Think Harry & Meghan series Is Just very Despicable


  7. Adelyn Ivy disse:

    I Think Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor Does Not Exist.


  8. Adelyn Ivy disse:

    I Think Steve Bannon Having a Prince Harry Voodoo Doll


  9. Adelyn Ivy disse:

    I Think Prince Harry Is a Antisemitism


  10. Adelyn Ivy disse:

    I Think Thomas Markle Is a Opportunists


  11. Adelyn Ivy disse:

    I Think Meghan Markle Is a Social Climber


  12. Adelyn Ivy disse:

    I Think Ashleigh Hale Is Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor surrogate mother


  13. Adelyn Ivy disse:

    I Think Prince Harry Look Like Real Life Pennywise the Dancing Clown From Stephen King It


  14. Adelyn Ivy disse:

    I Think Meghan Markle exploit Robb Elementary School shooting For Publicity & Stay Relevant


  15. Adelyn Ivy disse:

    I Think Meghan Markle & Prince Harry are Russian asset For Vladimir Putin


  16. Adelyn Ivy disse:

    I Think Harry & Meghan should do Cryptocurrency/NFT


  17. Adelyn Ivy disse:

    I Think Meghan Markle Is the Virginia Thomas of House of Windsor


  18. Adelyn Ivy disse:

    I Think Meghan Markle Look Like Real Life Medusa From Clash of the Titans (1981 film)


  19. Adelyn Ivy disse:

    I Think Harry & Meghan are not not not not involve with Occult/Witchcraft/Voodoo


  20. Adelyn Ivy disse:

    I Think Prince Harry Is a Charlatans

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