In his book, Harry spares no one

Those who follow the drama of the Royal Family knew that the inevitable day would come when Prince Harry would put in writing what he lived behind the scenes. Depending on the accounts, the drama unfolds seven years ago, or five (post-wedding), four (when rumors of sibling quarrels began to circulate), or three (when Meghan Markle and Harry left England). It doesn’t matter. In five days the book Spare hits the stores and obviously, the excerpts that have already leaked are generating news. And… what actually was “spared”? Very little.

From the excerpts already mentioned by the press this week, Harry took “honesty” to a whole new level, one that not even his mother chose. She was harsh with (then-Prince) Charles, saw herself as a victim and Camilla as a villain, but oddly was not too explosive with the Monarchy. Maybe because her son William would inherit it, we don’t know. Harry seems to be bent on revenge and making his family look bad, really bad. We can agree he needs little help with that, stil…

However, in his narrative apparently he has had little autonomy in his decisions until he broke with the Royals. For example, in an excerpt (which is not exactly news), he claims that he wore the Nazi costume on the recommendation of Kate Middleton and Prince William, without admitting that he did not need to have considered the possibility or that he himself found the option funny. He – who wore – caught the heat and those who laughed with him, didn’t. He can’t accept that.

But that is consistent with Harry. He always maintains his victim role in anything. Like when he complains about being born as a spare for his brother, the heir. As a consequence, Harry lived a supporting life, being mistreated and defamed by William, whom he defines as a “beloved brother” and “archenemy”. Yes, it’s contradictory.

But it has to be said that Harry, aside from never admitting any mistakes at any point, is right about a lot of things. He was of no importance in the life he was born into – that of a spare prince – and he wanted more. He only managed to see a turning point when he found someone who supports him, who loves him, and who helped him leave a toxic life behind. This cannot be faulted by anyone with an ounce of sensibility or common sense.

What gets in the way is that in Royalty, family is also work and each one’s position is not meritorious. Whoever is born first has rights, the rest are satellites. Unsurprisingly, relationships quickly turn into abusive ones. Harry HAD to leave and it’s amazing that he made it. Not even his mother before him got this far. But where do you get it? It’s just that Harry doesn’t want to stay, but he doesn’t want to give up titles and rights. It’s really confusing.

Once again, as he has consistently done (whether deliberately is unknown), he chooses with surgical precision where to affect the two he accuses of bringing further problems to his mental health. Tomorrow is Kate Middleton‘s birthday and the one who will be on the front pages of every newspaper is Harry, badmouthing her and William. This is where I particularly think the Achilles’ heel of the Spare Prince’s strategy lies: do as I say, not say as I do. Which brings me to repeat: there are no victims in this story.

In binary times, everything is more complicated. Is it “right” or “wrong” to air dirty linen in public? Let’s look one way: Harry claims that ALL negative stories about him and his wife are planted by his brother, father and sister-in-law. In his view, readers and journalists would also be manipulated. This is too simplistic. YES, there are matters planted and YES they can lead to a negative view, but at this point this is no longer the case. Those who don’t like the couple don’t like it because of inconsistencies, half-truths and hypocrisy.

Harry’s strategy is to expose his relatives, but while HE says what happened and what he thinks, the Royal Family “hides” in articles signed by third parties. That way, the prince proves his point and humiliates them because as long as they don’t speak openly, Harry won’t stop.

Yes, silence would contribute to the continuation of a psychologically aggressive system, so in Harry’s logic, it is necessary to talk, but this time he wants to dictate the rules. It sounds hypocritical to call William “beloved” or talk about reconciliation with the Royal Family (the family, not the Royalty) but this speech must be maintained to maintain the status of victimization. As he says in interviews, the ball is in their court (but the rules are not). Meaning if they don’t apologize, it’s not Harry’s fault. Never is.

For the Windsors, supporters of “never complain, never explain”, it is an endless nightmare and far from over, as we know. Spare is the first chapter. Meghan’s biography would already be underway. What else is there to reveal?


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