Brother reconciliation?

For 12 years, Oasis fans have dreamed of “the return of the Gallagher brothers”. Famous for their fights, since 2008 they don’t even speak – but pin each other on social networks. And yesterday, January 18, 2023, hope returned.

Exactly, according to Liam, Noel called him and wants to meet him. The vocalist has been asking for this for years, very publicly, but to no avail. What has changed? Well, critics point out that Noel’s divorce. That’s right people, for a change, it will be left to a woman to take the blame. According to reports, it was Noel’s wife, Sara MacDonald, who did “not allow” her husband to get along with her brother again. But now that she and the guitarist are getting divorced, the “no way” speech has immediately turned to “never say never”.

‘You should never say never’, he said, adding that ‘it would have to take an extraordinary set of circumstances’, Noel said this week. ‘That is not to say that these circumstances would never happen.’

For years, Liam pointed Sara as the impediment for him and his brother to get along again. She denies it. “I want to make it clear that Oasis is not my story. It’s their story, Noel and Liam’s,” she said in an interview three years ago.

Those who follow the band know that there is much more than women in the midst of the brothers’ conflict and that the road to a comeback will be tortuous. But who doesn’t want them back together on stage? No grudge!

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