All the synopsis of the last episodes of Vikings

Here are the synopsis of the 10 last episodes of Vikings. ALL HAVE SPOILERS.

Episode 11
King of Kings
In Iceland, Ubbe finds the truth about Kjetill and have to make a hard decision. On Norway, the battle against the Rus have grave consequences, but back up are sent and Bjorn has an idea that can save the day.

Episode 12
All Change
The mood changes when the Rus army goes back to Kiev and Oleg manages to isolate Ivar. However, Dir gathers forces to overthrow Oleg, and Ivar is part of the plan; Ubbe and a group of settlers decide to leave Iceland in search of the Golden Land.

Episode 13
The Signal
It’s election day in Kattegat and the arrival of strangers forces an unexpected result; Ivar gets Prince Dir‘s signal that the troops are ready to challenge Oleg. Ivar and Hvitserk must take Igor from Kiev.

Episode 14
Lost Souls
Prince Igor is welcomed as a hero in Novgorod, but in Kiev the mood is bleak; Ubbe‘s settlers find land, but soon realize they aren’t the Golden Land that they hoped for. With not much food, conflict approaches.

Episode 15
All at Sea
Fight starts in Greenland and Ubbe, Torvi and Othere hardly escape alive, in a boat without supplies; Ivar, Hvitserk and Prince Dir’s troops get closer to Kiev’s gates, but have no clue of the resistance planned by prince Oleg.

Episode 16
The Final Straw
In open sea, Ubbe and the settlers are at mercy of fate; tension arises between Ubbe and Othere and when baby Ragnar weakens; Ivar and Hvitserk arer back to Kattegat, and still Ivar fights to find his purpose.

Episode 17
The Raft of Medusa
King Alfred of Wessex hears about the arrival of Ragnar‘s sons with an army and knows he has to take drastic measures. After weeks at the sea, Ubbe and the settlers are barely alive, but Ubbe sees salvation in the horizon.

Episode 18
It’s only Magic
Ubbe and the settlers find land, but they are not alone. In Wessex, King Alfred gathers an army to fight the vikings, but troubles resurface. At the Vikings’ camp, Ivar plans a clever strategy against the Saxons.

Episode 19
The Lord Giveth
On the new land, Ubbe and the settlers use of careful diplomacy when surrounded by local habitants, but soon find out they are not the only foreigners there. The Viking battle plan starts when they ambush the Saxon army.

Episode 20 – FINAL
The Last Act
Ragnar‘s sons take their cloak and travel everywhere; tragedy resonates, not only in the new territory, but also in England.


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