Historical fact that is right in Bridgerton

The multiracial cast of Netflix‘s, Bridgerton, is just one of the great aspects of the production. However, there is a historical fact that is right in the story set in Jane Austen‘s universe, with Downton Abbey‘s rhythm, Gossip Girl‘s narrative, and Outlander‘s steamy touch. It’s Queen Charlotte‘s looks.

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Played by actor Golda Rosheuvel, Queen Victoria‘s Grand Mother, was the wife of King George III, and is referred per Historians as the first biracial Queen in England. And if you are wondering, yes, she is the great great great great great Grandmother of Prince Harry.

Sophie Charlotte Mecklenburg-Strelitz was born in 1744, in Germany, and descended from the noble Portuguese Margarita de Castro e Souza, daughter of Portugal’s King Afonso III and one of his mistresses, the moor Madragana. Charlotte was married to George III at 17 years old and had 15 children, including Queen Victoria‘s dad.

As quoted in Bridgerton, she was attached to the Art. She learned music from Johann Christian Bach personally. Mozart, at 8, dedicated his Opus 3 to her (at her request).

Since around 2009 Historians gather documents to prove her true heritage. They claim her skin was fair, but that the official paintings obey the traditions of the period, which is extremely fair skin in all drawings. The Royal Family has never officially denied the biracial possibility of its Queen, therefore, Bridgerton is right in its portrayal. In the series, besides wry humor, her wigs are an attraction. Remember some of them below.


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