The mysterious beauty of Alicia Agneson

On the second half of Season 4 in Vikings, Ivar a beautiful slave that stares at him fearlessly. Her name was Freydis. They talk and he sets her free. A while later, they meet again, starting a tragic and conflicted love story.

Swedish actor and singer Alicia Agneson, in her first TV role, was the one who gave life to Freydis.

Alicia was born and grew up in a small town in the heart of Sweden, Eskilstuna, 113km far from the capital, Stockholm. The young Alicia dreamt of the stage, singing and performing so, at 15, she decided to move to London and pursue a career.

Her boldness paid off as less than 10 years later she had an important role in the hit series Vikings. Nothing less than the object of affection (and obsession) of Ivar, the boneless. A big fan of the show, she hardly believed when she joined the cast. In an interview, she recalled the moment she found herself sat beside Alexander Ludwig, the hero Bjorn Ironside. He welcomed her and she laughed, finding the moment almost surreal.

Alicia ended up becoming some of the series mysteries. It was Freydis who fed Ivar the dangerous idea that he was in fact a God. She presented him a son as his own (SPOILER ALERT, it wasn’t), but turned her back on him after he killed the baby. Her decision defined her destiny and she ended her days literally at his hands. Not before helping Bjorn winning.

As things were apparently settled, “Freydis” came back on Season 6. With dark hair and as Russian princess Katya, again tormenting Ivar.

SPOILER ALERT Although we, as Ivar, saw the resemblance they are not the same person or even related. Writer Michael Hirst explained it was Ivar’s illusion, born out of guilt and regret.

As many stars of Vikings, Alicia is very active in social media, and frequently posts backstage pictures and jokes. Besides singing and acting, she models and collects vintage wardrobe. Most of the itens are kept at her parent’s house, in Eskiltuna. As she explains, clothes are one of her favorite ways to express herself.

Alicia was also surprise with her return in Season 6, and when the show runner gave her the heads up, she simply didn’t believe him. She went to spend her summer vacation in Sweden and when she got back to England, there was a contract for her return as Katya.

She says that working twice with Alex Høgh Andersen was one of the higher points for her during the series. Her favorite scene was Freydis’ death because it took a lot of the actors insight and suggestions on how it would happen. She stands by her character’s courage, who stood by her treason and didn’t hide from Ivar. She felt she was justified and paid with her own life.

With Vikings‘ success, Alicia’s acting career picked up and she already worked in three films. Perhaps she’ll be back in Vikings: Valhalla?


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