Kristen Stewart already is Diana Spencer

Any question on how would Kristen Stewart look like princess Diana was put to rest today, January 27th. The first official photo of the movie  Spencer was released today. It’s impressive.

Here’s the real Diana Spencer.

As already explained, Spencer will focus on the last Christmas and weekend that Diana spent with the Royal Family. If you follow The Crown, sort of where the season 4 stopped. The plot is to follow Diana on the three days weekend she gave up on being unhappy and decided to stand on her own.

In reality, her last Christmas with the Windsors was rather brief. Diana kept her presence at the traditional morning Mass, posing for pictures and all, but as soon as it was over she immediately headed to London, where she attended another event, alone. As usual, she sent the clear message without a word, only a photo. It was her “dianexit.

Diana, in red, away from Charles in the back
Hours later, Diana was in London. Alone.

If you look closely to the photos, it’s clear how Charles and Diana could not stand each other. Few smiles, not even a look in each other’s direction.

Diana com William

I have already listed a few looks that should appear in Spencer. The red coat is one of my favorites. Which is yours?

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