More pics of Kristen Stewart as Diana

I have posted recently (ought to translate it soon, though) about how hard it is for the any production that isn’t in a studio to avoid leaked images for the web. The challenging is increasing strongly. The case being the movie Spencer, that is making headlines since it was announced and even more after the name of American actress Kristen Stewart was confirmed as Diana Spencer.

Last week, an official still of the actress as Diana kind of put to rest the worries about the physical aspect as Kristen did look like the princess in one of her most iconic looks.

Today the Daily Mail released three new pictures, shot as Kristen was doing a scene near a window. Again, the looks are very similar.

Some papers wonder how will the British Royal Family react to this new feature. The latest season of The Crown apparently bothered the Royals since it followed closely to Diana’s version of the story, in which she suffers behind doors from unsympathetic support to her marital crisis and dealing with the media. Spencer will focus on the time in which the Princess gave up altogether any façade or will to remain married to Prince Charles, which according to the writers, came up on a three days Christmas weekend with the Windsors. For me, it’s fun to follow the wardrobe and make up job in capturing one the most iconic persons of History, Lady Diana Spencer.

Here’s also a post about Diana’s visit to Brazil, her only one, 30 years ago.

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