About that iconic choker

There are many of Diana‘s jewels that became classic, such as her engagement ring, her Spencer tiara and pearls necklaces. There is one piece in particular that captured her charm and creativity: the Sapphire and diamonds pearl choker. She’s used in many of her most memorable moments, such as dancing with John Travolta at the White House, the MET Gala or that famous revenge dress. As Diana, the piece is beautiful.

Diana loved pearls, it is a whole new separate post entirely. The most famous choker is the most interesting story, though. The sapphire is in fact a brooch that she’s adapted to the choker. It was a wedding gift from the Queen Mother. Apparently, the piece can be tracked to the Romanovs, as it was bought from the collection of Emperess Marie Feodorovna of Russia after her passing. The brooch and the choker were some of the jewels Diana was allowed to keep to her private collection, even after the divorce.

Before using the brook as part of her choker, Diana wore in different occasions, none that we could really see it.

The brooch is very similar to one of Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite, the Prince Albert Brooch, which she wears when she wants to give a message of continuity.

The first time Diana wore it on her neck was in 1985, at the White House event. However, it was used again as a brooch again later on.

The very last time we saw her with the piece was a little less than a year before her death, in 1996, at the MET Gala. It’s not known what happened to the jewel, that was inherited by William and Harry. Neither Kate Middleton nor Meghan Markle were seen with it yet. It was said that some of the diamonds were taken to Meghan’s wedding ring. Let’s hope that one day we’d see one of them making the same combination as Diana’s.

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