When Diana visited Chenonceau Castle

The “Diana-watch” over Kristen Stewart spotted the actress wearing a tartar overcoat in a scene of the upcoming movie Spencer. It certainly brought back princess Diana’s looks, many of them created by Catherine Walker.

The specific overcoat was worn by Diana on more than one occasion. As to the movie, it might refer to Diana’s visit to the Crown Pools of Ipswich, in 1989, or to Portsmouth, a year later. Hard to tell as Historians point out, the base of the movie is set in a fictional moment. It says it will focus on the Christmas weekend she decided to pull the plug on the marriage. However, it didn’t happen either there or over those three days. During her last Christmas with the Royals, Diana barely spent a night with them. If we follow the images Of Kirsten as Diana, we can tell there will be flashbacks.

The tartar coat is seen this week was first noticed in 1988, during Prince Charles and Diana’s visit to France, when they were photographed at Chenonceau.

At the time, Diana was already in love with James Hewitt and Charles had relinked his romance with Camilla Parker-Bowles. Officially the marriage was still a happy one, but it was already heading to its end. Between 1988 and 1990, they were still keeping up with the façade. As they showed in Chenonceau.

What no one missed at the time was the irony. Chenonceau is considered one of the most romantics in France. It was a gift by King Henri II to his mistress, the beautiful Diane de Poitiers, who adored the place.

Queen Catherine de Medici, endured 20 years of humiliation. When Henri II suddenly died in 1559, Catherine expelled Diane from Chenonceau and took it for herself. The fact that more than 400 years later the Dianas were in opposite roles wasn’t missed at the time.

Back to Diana. She wore the coat again in Ipswich, at a visit to the Crowns Pool, in 1989. In 1990, Diana – already frequently seen sans Charles – visited Portsmouth.

Fans follow Kristen Stewart at every leak of her shooting the movie. The Crown was brilliant at reproducing her looks. Spencer will follow the example.

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