After Charles, Josh O’Connor is Romeo

Josh O’Connor‘s performance as a complicated Prince Charles in The Crown is finally being recognized and awarded. It’s a safe bet that it will “end” with an Emmy as best actor, which is totally fair and due to Josh, whose sensibility to portray a controversial figure only justifies the accolades.

Josh was not known outside the UK before The Crown, although he was in popular movies such as the newest version of Emma as well. He is about to make a new change, playing a likable – nay adored – character that for centuries is pivotal to stage and movie actors: Romeo Montecchio. Yes, Josh is Romeo on the National Theatre’s film that will stream on April 4th.

The company gathers a great cast to surround Josh and his Juliet, played by Jessie Buckley.

The setting is a mix of backstage spaces of the National Theatre, in rehearsal and on stage. I looks amazing.

Check out the oficial trailer here.

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