Cruella wants to have fun. (Watch the trailer)

“I wan to make Art and I want to cause trouble”. Cruella DeVil, is quite clear about her goals and traits. On the second official trailer of the upcoming movie Cruella, Emma Stone literally roars.

It seems that the story of Cruella will differ a bit from the very original, but, as always, she remains evilish funny. And the looks!

The synopsis tell us that we will meet young Estella de Vil, in London of the 1970s dreaming to work in fashion. The Baroness (Emma Thompson), with whom she works for, doubts her talents.

So we see Estella becoming Cruella out of humiliation and dare.

We shall see why the mutual hate between the villain and dalmatians began.

As easter eggs we also shall see Cruella driving her Bucciali TAV as crazy, also confirming here that she goes way back with Horace and Jasper.

On the first trailer we hear Connie Francis singing Who’s Sorry Now. Nos it’s Nancy Sinatra‘s turn with There Boots Were Made For Walkin’. More on that soon!

Watch the trailer below

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