A night for the princess at the ballet

On July 18th, 1988, Princess Diana attended a very special presentation of the Royal Ballet, in London. It was the first time ever that the company would perform the ballet La Bayadère in full. It was historical and Diana, a former dancer herself, would not miss it.

The cast included French superstar Sylvie Guillem on the role of Nikyia, a temple dancer who is betrayed by her lover and is forced to dance in his engagement party before she is killed. The production was signed by Natalia Makarova, whom Diana had already seen on stage and had signed the revival of the full lenght ballet also for the American Ballet Theatre 8 years earlier. The performance of that night was dedicated to Dame Margot Fonteyn.

For that night in which she was the guest of honor, Diana shone in white, in a 1950’s inspired white silk chiffon ballet length gown. It was signed by another stylist that she loved, the (then) couple Elizabeth and David Emanuel. They have created her wedding gown as well.

For that soirée, Diana matched the white dress with a deep shawl collar and fitted bodice. Her iconic sapphire and diamond chocker were at her neck. I bet it was hard to concentrate at the stage.

Watch Guillem as Nikyia

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