Spencer confirmed its prince

This week we have seen a new still of Kristen Stewart as Diana we also found out who is going to “her” Charles in Spencer. British actor Jack Farthing, mostly known as Poldark, is facing this challenge.

Can’t see it?

Pablo Larrain’s film will focus on the period in which Diana gave up for good her hope to save her marriage, which was around Christmas 1991.

Besides Poldark, Jack was also seen in Love Wedding Repeat, from Netflix and The Lost Daughter, Maggie Gyllenhal’s dictatorial debut.

The shooting of Spencer is heading to its conclusion.

The movie should be released before the next season of The Crown, which will cover pretty much the same time. By the way, the series still hasn’t decided (or announced) who’s taking Charles from Josh O’Connor yet. Maybe Jack, if all goes well?

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