Diana’s closeness to prince Edward and Lady Sarah in Spencer

Princess Diana‘s friendship with Sarah Ferguson was one of the most known fact from the Royal Family in the 80s and it’s going to be addressed in Spencer, with Olga Hellsing taking the role of the Duchess of York. Curiously, their bond was not shown (yet) in The Crown, in fact Sarah barely was shown at all in the series. She was however, Diana’s confident until they fell out.

But Sarah wasn’t the only friend to Diana within the Family. Due to her gap in age to Charles – 13 years – the princess was closer to prince Edward and princess Margaret’s daughter, (today) Lady Sarah Chatto. That friendship will also be shown in Spencer, with actors Mathias Wolkowski and Oriana Gordon playing the cousins.

As usual in the Royal Family, cousins tend to be very close friends, and such is the case with Edward and Sarah, who since young age were constantly photographed together. They were born two months apart, and have the same bond as their mothers, Queen Elizabeth II and princess Margaret.

As a kid, Diana was had played with the two of them since their age differed in only 2 years.

Sarah, who was only 17 years old when Charles and Diana married, was their bridesmaid, and later, chosen to be prince Harry’s godmother.

Lady Sarah is also the godmother of prince Edward’s daughter, Lady Louise. She shared with Diana the love for ballet as well, and she’s the vice-president of the Royal Ballet.

Although Diana and princess Margaret distanced themselves as the marriage to Charles deteriorated, Lady Sarah was still close to her friend for a while. In 1994, after meeting her husband, former actor Daniel Chatto, while both worked on David Lean‘s Passage to India, Lady Sarah invited Diana to the wedding. Diana and Charles very public fight was at its peak in the media and they made headlines for arriving and leaving separated to the ceremony.

It’s unclear how much of their friendship is going to be on the film, however, having credited both of them on cast signals that there will be interaction with Kristen Stewart who’s playing Diana. The movie is currently in post production, and it’s expected to be released still in 2021.

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