It’s (not) in his kiss

New images of Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana on the shooting for Season 5 of The Crown are astonishing. She looks just like Diana.

The shooting showed Diana arriving from a trip, with William and Harry, and meeting up with Charles.

As we can also see, Dominic West is very well as prince Charles too.

However, a gesture that was caught on camera made us fans think of a famous picture of the couple, as it seems that Diana dodges a kiss from her husband.

Which happened not at an airport, but very publicly in India, in 1992.

Why Diana refused Charles’ kiss

By 1992 it was very hard to keep the façade of a happy marriage and the world was on that something was going on between the two. They were seldom seen together, apart from official trips, and even then almost ignoring each other.

When Diana joined Charles to visit India, early in 1992, they were barely speaking, but still working on the marriage. However, on Valentine’s Day, Diana found herself alone at the Taj Mahal, in an image that no one can forget.

On the following day, still hurt, she had to be convinced to be at a Polo Match with Charles and hand the Awards to the winners, which, included the Prince. Then, the worst happened. After leaving her alone on Valentine’s Day, Charles received the Award and turned his back to Diana, “forgetting” to kiss and thank her. It took less than a second for him to realize what he was doing and turn back, but it was too late. Diana turned her face, refusing his kiss in front of the whole world.

Charles was furious, but Diana was angrier. She made sure of her refusal to be very publicly as she was tired of being made a fool.

The two took their separate ways to finish the trip. Without any surprise, by the end of that year – called by the Queen as annus horribilis – they were officially separated.

It looks very likely that this trip to India will be included in The Crown, very hard to keep it out!


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