We need the series about Princess Leia

The impact of Star Wars on my life was immense. I still remember almost gluing myself to the chair at the (now closed) Leblon 1 cinema, in Rio de Janeiro, when I was spending my summer vacation in the city, visiting my grandparents. I was a child, therefore more open to the fantasy genre, but without necessarily enjoying adventures in space. Everything changed when I heard the theme of the rebels and saw Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher), all in white, with a gun in her hand, shooting at the villains. Wow! And none of Han Solo (Harrison Ford) or Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), in order to successfully escape the Empire, it was the princess who took the lead and saved the “heroes”. That’s 45 years ago. Iconic.

Leia was everything: smart princess, rebel who fights for Good, and a leader who didn’t break even under torture (that injection still gives me the shivers). More than that, it allowed girls to dream of being on an equal footing with boys and saving the world. Powerful. Naughty. Beautiful. Sexy. Leader. Unequaled. It was love at first sight.

Later we found out, that she was Luke’s twin (as a twin, I just became even more attached to her) and the daughter of Darth Vader (Hayden Christensen). Later, he abandons the monarchical title, becoming General among the rebels. A position, let’s face it, that should always have been yours. In the 1977 film, it always bothered me that she did everything and at the time of the final attack she stayed in a room cheering for her partners.

For men, Princess Leia became a sex symbol after the film in which she is enslaved by Jabba The Hut, while trying to save Han Solo. Pure machismo having to undress her (after appearing in every movie without a single cleavage), but she once again proved that, with or without clothes, she was no match for any man or being from any planet. Literally had the Force.

Léia Morgana’s charm is linked to Carrie Fisher‘s undeniable intelligence and beauty. Carrie, daughter of Hollywood legends, was just 19 when she brought the character to life. Although she made hilarious and perfect shots about the princess’s hairstyles, among other acid observations, the actress respected the importance of the role, aware that it has become a much greater symbol.

We are seeing and celebrating that the Rebellion will be “televised”, as the campaign refers to Gil Scott-Heron‘s anthem The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan MGreggor) will have his series, as well as Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson), among others. Here is my frustration: where is the Princess Leia series? How has it not yet gained prominence?

There’s a lot to know about her, before and after discovering she’s a Skywalker. She grew up as the daughter of Bail Organa, who adopted her as soon as she was born and was separated from her twin brother, Luke. With courage so strong in her DNA, Leia took her adoptive father’s place in the rebellion, being essential to the first major victory against the Empire (the destruction of the Death Star). If we were to focus only on the princess’s youth, we would have a lot of content.

Equally, there could be a series on the princess right after the big victory, to show us how Leia helped shape the New Republic, how Luke trained her to be a Jedi, and how her marriage to Han Solo disintegrated after their son, Ben Solo (Adam Driver), defected and decided to embrace the dark side of the Force, becoming Kylo Ren. Not forgetting that Leia knew about Rey’s origins, who idolized her. And her relationship with Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac)? Everything pointed to a more than professional relationship between the two.

It’s unbelievable that a legend like hers has been relegated to a supporting role. Hello Disney? I’m sure many young women will also project themselves as the coolest princess in the universe. The dream remains!


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