Marilyn at home: classic images

Among the many images of Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe in Blonde, is one of her most reproduced photos, at home, reading.

Taken by legendary photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt for a Life Magazine article, the photos are some of the actress’ most famous records, taken in 1953. Uniting the renowned professional with the star could certainly only result in art in the purest of meanings.

Alfred said that “it’s more important to click with people than click through the lens” and helped establish what became known as photojournalism. Her record of the end of WWII is one of the most moving to date, the kissing soldier and nurse in Times Square. He was just 29 years old when he took the photo and was already working for Life.

Using his 35 mm camera, Alfred was the photographer chosen to do an essay with a young woman just 26 years old, who was already successful in cinema: Marilyn Monroe. The place chosen was her home and the young woman (even before she became a legend) was comfortable, and calm, with little makeup and no glamorous clothes. Wonderful.

The works bring together Alfred’s signature: natural light, and clear happiness on the actress’s face. And instantly, as he was prone to forced poses, “I take pictures of people just in a good mood. I just show them the good side,” he said.

Marilyn was one of the favorite artists of renowned photographers. Of the many recordings, he made that afternoon at his Hollywood home, the one Alfred Eisenstaedt liked best was hers in the garden, which he always singled out as the best. How to argue with the master?

He died, like Marilyn, in August, but in 1995.

“The reason for my success in photography, people just say I don’t push people. I treat people the way I like to be treated, with kindness,” he explained. It makes perfect sense.


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