Madonna’s Regret and Her Songs

Madonna is Madonna and this is her biggest consistency in more than 40 years of her career. Breaking records, bothering and causing always. Her look in recent years has been criticized for excess fillers and plastic, but the Queen of Pop continues to provoke.

In her most recent post, she jokes that she will answer the hottest questions, says that her obsession is sex (what a surprise) and that there is indeed something she regrets. “Getting married”, she shoots. “Both times”, she completes. Of course, that was the part that resonated the most.

I posted many years ago about the songs Madonna wrote both when she was in love and after the breakups. Some of them, we know, refer directly to her two ex-husbands, Sean Penn and Guy Ritchie, but she also wrote about other loves. When in doubt which one you are referring to, I use the two official partners as a base.

As the post is from 2012 (my God, it’s been 10 years!), it’s worth checking it out.

Sean Penn

When Madonna and Sean Penn met in the early 1980s, she was on the rise and he was already regarded as the best actor of his generation. As legend has it, they met backstage during the recording of Material Girl and embarked on a passionate relationship, quickly concluding at the altar. At less than 30 years old, even teenagers on the other side of the world suspected that the photograph-averse actor and the most in-demand singer on the planet would have problems. Still, they were together for four years (from 1985 to 1989), with rumors of physical abuse and a lot of violence. Over the years, they alternate moments of friendship and mutual criticism, proving that they are here to stay in each other’s lives.

For Sean Penn, Madonna wrote two albums: True Blue and Like a Prayer, clearly marking the phases of their love. So when you listen to La Isla Bonita, True Blue, and Cherish you are listening to the singer talking about her adoration for him. As well as ‘Til Death Do Us Part, where she mentions the psychological and physical “bruises” that marked their marriage.

Because of that song in which she says she believes they will get back together, as well as her statement in Truth or Dare that the actor was the love of her life, many fans were counting on a reconciliation. So songs like Inside of Me were wrongly associated with Sean Penn, when in fact Madonna was talking about her mother. But of course, Express Yourself and Bye Bye Baby seem mellow next to what she would sing to her second ex-husband.

After Guy Ritchie split, Madonna and Sean Penn were seen again at dinners and trips, but it was really just friendship. In 2008, she sang an acoustic version of True Blue for her ex, who was in the audience at the Rebel Heart Tour show.

Guy Ritchie

Guy Ritchie marked the singer’s most musically mature decade. Soon after Ray of Light (all inspired by Madonna’s daughter Lola), he was the muse for Music, American Life, and Confessions on a Dancefloor, the albums that were recorded in the 8 years they were together. He also inspired heartbreak songs on Hard Candy and MNDA, without a doubt.

Guy and Madonna formed a power couple, as they say, more than anyone else who fell in love with her. They made films, videos, and public appearances together, with the singer going to live in England for him. When everything seemed to be going right, it turned sour. To make matters worse, the material fight was ugly, with Guy taking half of his ex-wife’s fortune. Madonna sings about it on I Don’t Give A, where she admits she didn’t have a prenup with her ex, who took something like 76 million in the divorce.

Ultimately, it was for the English director that Madonna wrote the most songs to date. The passionate ones (I Deserve It and Nothing Fails are just two of them), and puts him as the target of tough lyrics like the ones she sings on Miles Away, She’s Not Me, Best Friend, I Don’t Give A, Sorry, Gang Bang and Love Spent, also to give a few examples.

While it’s not certain, in songs from her follow-up albums, Rebel Heart and Madame X, she already sings of moving on, but Living for Love, Ghostown, and Heartbreak City still seem to reflect on the end of her marriage to Ritchie. Do they?

The fact is that she regrets the weddings, but they made us great classics. Playlist below.

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