House of the Dragon promises to clarify doubts

Rhaneyra Targaryen and Daemon Targaryen have always gotten along well, but even before they got married, there was doubt about their relationship early on. Did the two consummate the relationship when the princess was still a teenager or was it a love that emerged at a more mature stage?

The promo has some hints, but of course, it doesn’t respond.

But the claim that the princess was no longer a virgin hastened her union with Laenor Targaryen and a series of other events…

In the book, one version places the uncle and niece as lovers, and another as a sexual mentor. Nothing innocent, of course.

There’s one detail that the promo makes me think about Mysaria’s relationship with Daemon. In the book, they were a pair in tune, but it will be the second time that an event that happened in Flea Bottom reaches the ears of Otto Hightower faster than the light. I suspect someone…

Will we ever find out who spoke and what happened?

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