Missing House of the Dragon?

We remembered 12 unforgettable moments from Game of Thrones, because, with the end of the year, the nostalgia for Westeros tightened. Two months after the conclusion of the first season, let’s try to highlight 10 remarkable images from House of the Dragon.

Not an easy task…

10- We’re back at King’s Landing!

With a rare voice-over narration, we hear Rhaneyra go back 25 years in time, to contextualize where the seed of civil war among the Targaryens was planted. Then, Daenerys-themed, we fly over King’s Landing. It’s young Rhaenyra walking with Syrax. Her heart sped up.

9- Daemon Targaryen: House Targaryen’s MVP

We land straight into the politics of Westeros, but it’s Daemon Targaryen’s presence that destabilizes Otto Hightower’s plans and shakes up King’s Landing. Adept at violent repression, Daemon considers himself the heir to the throne after his brother, Viserys. However, obstacles multiply to make the dream come true. Still, Daemon is the most important and dangerous member of House Targaryen right now. Matt Smith had his foot in the door.

8- Rhaenyra is named Heiress of the Iron Throne

Part of Otto’s gambit is to take Daemon out of the lineage while his daughter, Alicent, “comforts” the widowed Viserys. And so, Rhaenyra’s classic turn to the camera is created. Announced as the future Queen, she will have to fight (to the death) to validate her position.

7- Alicent Hightower’s long walk

Alicent Hightower, on TV a little different from the book, is a “victim” of the game of thrones. Used by her father, Rhaenyra’s friend acts as thinking she’s just “following the rules” while actually contributing to her house’s maneuvers. When she is forced to choose a side, she obviously chooses her blood family. So his first all-green vision is one of the most defining moments in history.

But one must mention the dagger attack when Alicent leaves her complacent role to openly attack Rhaenyra.

6- Aemond claims Vhagar

After Daemon, Aemond Targaryen won over audiences. He was bullied but tamed the biggest dragon still alive, the legendary Vaghar. The scene will certainly always be one of the highlights of the franchise.

5- Aegon II is crowned King

Anticipating the future of civil war, the moment when Aegon II is crowned is both tragic and emotional.

4- Rhaenys faces the Greens

Rhaenys was forced to be in King’s Landing when the coup of the greens took place, but in her escape she freed her dragon Meleys. There was an opportunity to “end” it all there, but he decided it wasn’t “his battle”. There are controversies. Anyway, what an image!

3- Lucerys’ death

There is no gif of the most tragic moment of the entire season, the death of Lucerys Velaryon, which eliminates any diplomatic conversation between the factions. Her quick passage through history made many fans sad, as did her mother, Rhaenyra.

2- The Black Queen, Rhaenyra Targaryen

Daemon declared Rhaenyra Queen using Viserys’ crown. An “intimate” coronation, and in the middle of a funeral, it’s not a good sign, but one of the strongest scenes in House of the Dragon.

1- Viserys’ last walk as King

Paddy Considine turned Viserys I into a beloved, well-meaning, and long-suffering King. The scene where he gathers his last strength to help Rhaenyra is one of the strongest for the 2023 Emmys. For the fans? Already won.


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