Mariah Carey’s Billionaire Christmas Carol

As posted last Christmas, All I Want for Christmas (is you) was released in 1994 on Mariah Carey‘s 4th album. Christmas-themed, the singer was in doubt about launching it but was convinced after they accepted that, instead of just singing traditional party songs, she would write new melodies.

At home, with partner Walter Afanasieff, Mariah wrote the classic in just 15 minutes. An immediate success, it quickly reached Platinum and became not only one of the artist’s biggest hits but the song that made her a millionaire.

Only in 2021, has it been played on Spotify a billion times. Each time the song is played, Mariah earns 1 US cent in royalties. In 2020 alone, he made almost another two million dollars without leaving home. And it doesn’t include physical album sales or licensing here.

In 2022, the Christmas classic is still one of the top-grossing songs. The United States alone is responsible for 51% of download sales and 30.7% of streaming sales as well. It’s estimated that the master version grossed almost $4.5 million, while its publishing royalties generated another $1 .66 million. In total, Mariah Carey’s song value reaches $6.16 million in global revenue and publishing royalties.

On account of All I Want For Christmas (is you), Mariah broke several records and even earned the nickname “the star of Christmas”. It was not by chance that in the film Love, Actually, the song has great prominence.

She thanked her fans for their love.


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