And Just Like That episodes and images

Going along with the external recordings of And Just Like That provide unintentional spoilers, however little they reveal what is going on. From the clapperboards we know that:

Episode 1

Carrie walks around the city (in green and purple), Seema breaks up with her French boyfriend and there will be the big ball, where Carrie will wear the famous wedding dress that did not make it down the aisle with Big. From the pictures, it will be a last-minute decision for Carrie.

episode 2
Charlotte and Carrie go shopping

episode 3
Carrie meets her neighbor on the street.
episode 4
Seema walking down the street

episode 5
It’s Halloween. Carrie and Miranda walk through Central Park and find Charlotte and Seema at a party. Earlier, Carrie is nearly hit by a bicycle.

episode 6
It’s unclear yet which exteriors are from Episode 6, but it could be Aidan and Carrie’s reunion at a hardware store.

episode 7

Carrie and Aidan kiss.

episode 8

Charlotte is in the gallery with the girls. Carrie and Miranda walk together.

There’s more footage we’ve seen, Carrie in a bar, Carrie with Che, Carrie with her ex-affair… and will there be significance next door in the building too, with the “alternate exit”?

The recordings started in October and are not finished yet. Let’s keep following!


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