The “surprises” of the SAG Awards 2023

I had already anticipated here on the blog, since last year, that the 2023 Oscars would be an “Asian night”, especially with the growing popularity of the film, Everything Everywhere All at Once. The guild awards confirmed the deduction, enshrining today in the actor’s award who should take the Oscar home in a few weeks

The SAG Awards – Guild of Actors – is the thermometer of the Oscar and the Emmy, and there were some “surprises”. We’ll talk about them in a moment.

In the series category, it is again the year for Abbott Elementary as a comedy series and The White Lotus, led as a drama. So far, predictable, including the recognition of Jenniffer Coolidge. The Bear has been gaining prominence and Jeremy Allen White deserved his statuette. On the other hand, it was unexpected that Jessica Chastain took away the actress award from Amanda Seyfried, with both perfect in biographical series.

In a year in which two true psychopaths yielded praised and award-winning performances by Paul Walter Houser, for Blackbird and Evan Peters for Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, giving the award to Sam Elliott in 1883, the Yellowstone prequel was curious. Anyway, they were the expected choices.

As for the movies, what seemed to be right is getting further and further away. There were those who believed that Austin Butler was going to take the right Oscar from Brendan Fraser, but it won’t happen. It’s his. On the other hand, the final line suggests alteration and coherence. With both director and film winning, it would be unfair to ignore Jamie Lee Curtis and Michelle Yeoh. The two won and are now the most likely Oscar winners. Fair.

On the red carpet, there was a wider variety of looks. The top two were Zendaya and Amanda Seyfried. Which one did you like best?


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