Carrie’s happiness in And Just Like That

Filming on And Just Like That in New York began at least six months ago, but it may be winding down. The clapperboard from episode 10 – seen in the footage – signals that they are approaching the finale of next season.

Maybe that’s why it was good to see Che (Sara Ramirez) back. After a scene of Carrie and Che having coffee, today they were seen walking together.

Miranda’s girlfriend (Cynthia Nixon) had just finished the first season heading to California, with the lawyer accompanying her. So far, Miranda’s few scenes with Carrie are always without Che. Was this the end of their romance?

Either way, Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) is going back to the past. Her romance with Aidan (John Corbett) will take off. The two have been spotted together on romantic walks and night outs in the Big Apple.

And apparently, the partnership and friendship with Steve are maintained because Miranda’s ex-husband, as well as her son, Brady, were seen on set.

Scenes shot outside reveal little of the story, just that Carrie and Aidan will have a little drama before the kiss, but afterward, it will be as if they were always together.

Now near the end, it’s worth keeping an eye out to see if something leaks. After watching Carrie suffer an entire season, it’ll be nice to see her happy!


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