Shadow and Bone: Season Two

Fans of fantasy content can rejoice because in two weeks we have a sequel to Shadow and Bone. An adaptation of Leigh Bardugo‘s bestsellers was successfully released on Netflix in 2021, but we’ve been waiting for the second part of the story for two years! Do you still remember everything? I doubt!

The first season introduced the fictional world dubbed the “Grishaverse”, where Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li) discovers that she has the rare power to “summon light” and is therefore trained to destroy the Fold of Shadows – a region of darkness that divides the country of Ravka and is home to deadly monsters. However, she is deceived by the antagonist, General Kirigan/The Darkling (Ben Barnes) who gains more power while Alina and her friends escape. The problem is that Darkling emerges from the Fold stronger than ever and with an army of monsters under his command and now Alina has to face him.

Can I confess? Alina was the one that least enchanted me in the series. I am extremely happy to be able to re-encounter The Crows the misfit gang of criminals originally tasked with kidnapping Alina and later her unlikely allies.

The official summary of season two is: Now on the run, Alina Starkov is a symbol of hope for some and a potential traitor for others. She is determined to end the Fold of Shadows and save Ravka from destruction, but General Kirigan will not rest until he finishes what he started. With a terrifying army of shadow monsters and dreaded Grisha recruits, Kirigan poses a major threat. For a chance to win, with Mal’s help, Alina gathers new allies and begins a journey across the continent to find two magical creatures that will boost her powers. In Ketterdam, the Crows also need to form alliances to fight old rivals and foes that threaten not only their place in the Barrel but their very lives. When the opportunity for a deadly robbery presents itself, they once again clash with the legendary Sun Summoner.

The premiere is on the 16th!

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