Carrie adopts a cat and moves house?

And Just Like That‘s recordings, which began in October, are still going strong in New York. Following, or trying to follow, the clapperboards, we are drawing what should happen. Some facts are already VERY clear: Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) meets Aidan Shaw (John Corbett) again and, after some drama, they kiss in front of her apartment and rescue the relationship that, in the past, did not survive the love she had. felt for Mr. Big (Chris North). This is all in episodes that are still not exactly clear.

According to the clapperboards, they are already recording the last one (episode 10), but the scene in which we see Carrie and Che (Sara Ramirez) walking through the city and talking, will be in episode 7. And it brings a gigantic novelty in the writer’s life: she adopts a cat!

Yeah, we remember that from Carrie’s words, she loves children, but never wanted to be a mother, something she and Big agreed on at the beginning of their marriage. Walking with Che, Carrie comes across a kitten in the street at some risk and they save it. And now what do we see? Carrie with a kitten at the window. Yes, she will be the mother of a cat!

Another thing that is clear in the recordings. For some reason, she has been using an alternate door to her apartment, not always using the traditional stairs (but where she kisses Aidan).

Moreover, the most recent recordings show Aidan, carrying a suitcase, being warmly received by Carrie – who seems to break the news of the kitten to him – and how about that? She’s in a new home! This is big. Are Carrie and Aidan living together? It seems so, and at a new address.

We keep following!


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