Is Blue the Royalest Color?

In 2020, I published a series of articles in CLAUDIA about the Royal Family’s choice of Blue. Like today, Easter Sunday, it was once again the choice of the Windsors almost in unison.

Blue has always stood out as a preference of the Royal Family, whether in more pastel or stronger tones. Blue, also known as royal blue (or royal blue), is a tone historically linked to royalty and was the tone most used by Queen Elizabeth II in life, something like 30% of her choices and 3 times more frequently than any other.

Experts believe that the tradition that makes Blue the most “Royal” color comes from 1810, with Queen Charlotte (the same popularized in Bridgerton) when a competition was held to create a dress for the monarch, who would wear the piece on an occasion, and the chosen one was precisely a blue, in a medium and vibrant tone. It was from that time that this palette came to be called “royal blue”. Another current argues that the difficulty of obtaining and dyeing clothes with the blue pigment made it “precious”. Blue was linked to sapphire, one of the rarest stones in ancient times.

Those who prefer to bet on the psychology of colors remember that Blue is linked to peace and reliability. Darker tones communicate authority, duty, and commitment. It has clearly been “Queen Camilla’s color” of late, including the first official photo alongside King Charles III.

Another popular theory for the preference for Blue is the expression “blue blood”, which refers to the blood of the nobility. That’s why men are also often seen with suits and/or ties in shades of dark blue for official appointments.

On several occasions, almost the entire Royal Family appears wearing shades of blue, without taking into account the supposed rule of not repeating the color of the King and Queen at the same event. Already in 2019, when almost everyone wore blue at the famous horse race, Royal Ascot, it is suspected that it was a tribute to Elizabeth II, something that may be the same reason for the first Easter after her death. Anyway, everyone was looking great.


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