The shock of Logan Roy’s succession

I swear I was still cursing Logan Roy (Brian Cox) when it hit me what was really going on. If you haven’t watched it, it’s gone. Goodbye, Logan Roy.

The episode was a show of writing, acting, and directing. After four years, Logan was gone, still manipulating the kids, playing people off against each other, and treating each other’s lives like nothing. Still, we are moved by the reaction of his (probable) successors: Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Roman (Kieran Culkin), and Shiv (Sarah Snook).

There’s a lot to describe, but what’s more impressive than the long blunt shots (on the boat) and how each of the sons responds and says goodbye to their father. There is no forgiveness, but a genuine love between them and we realize the lost moments and the harsh words they exchanged or failed to exchange.

And now yes, the War of Succession begins. What a show!


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