Emily Brontë’s Imagination

Emily Brönte had a short life, she died at the age of 30, single, and with such strong shyness that in many reports she was a closed, apathetic, and distant person. And it is because of this portrait that fans of her only book, Wuthering Heights, are surprised that such a toxic, carnal, and self-centered love came from the imagination of a young woman who had never had a boyfriend. One of the people who question Emily’s unbelievable creative ability is actress and director Frances O’Connor, who marked her debut as a screenwriter and director precisely with the biopic Emily.

Emily bothers experts on the Brönte sisters because of the freedom that Frances took, “imagining” novels and situations that would translate into the author’s pages and, although she delivered a beautiful romantic film, “stole” Anne Brönte’s story to be lived by Emily. If people were still curious to research the truth and accept the suggestion as fantasy, it would be one thing, but in current times, rewriting stories has become a hobby in Hollywood and Emily is another one of those films that are dangerous precisely because it is beautiful, but supported by distorted facts.

Technically, Frances’ script and direction are impeccable, firm, and powerful. A fan of the writer, she realized that the authenticity of Emily Brönte‘s work was “a story asking to be told” and did not want to do something traditional. Emma Mackey is wonderful in the role of the writer and the relationship of the Brontë family is beautiful, with the romance that was actually between Anne (the most beautiful of the sisters) and the pastor William Weightman (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) passed to the heroine, who was born 205 years ago and who wrote one of the greatest classics of English literature 175 years ago. The cultural impact of Wuthering Heights is still significant today and I am one of the groups that admire Emily even more without her having lived none of which wrote so well. Creativity has nothing to do with reality, too bad the rule doesn’t apply here. Emily is a beautiful love film, but one that is less creative than the story that inspired it.


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