It’s All Right: a musical, light series that has everything to inspire a generation

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The recent success of series like Daisy Jones and The Six reflects much of the space that audiences love to step into behind the scenes of the music industry, and the launch of the national production Tá Tudo Certo is an up-to-date and fun answer for anyone who loves music and romance.

Written by Raphael Montes, who signed the great Netflix success, Bom Dia Verônica, the Disney Plus series tells in 4 episodes the dilemma of many artists between choosing a more commercial career – with the support and demands of record labels – or the most difficult and also authentic universe of independent music. In this case, Pedro (Pedro Calais), an intern at a recording company who dreams of becoming a big star, meets Ana (Ana Caetano), a talented singer and songwriter who has different aspirations. His task is to sign her to the company’s roster, but Ana – who is a star on social media – doesn’t see the same value as him in having a fixed contract. With her, he rediscovers how to enjoy music and life, directly impacting his choice for the future.

Around Pedro and Ana is a group of young musicians who also have to deal with their obstacles, and among them is the singer and actress Julia Mestre (from the band Bala Desejo), who spoke exclusively with CLAUDIA about the series and her own work. musical. I’ll confess, I ordered and had a taste, it was beautiful! Here’s our chat about Tá Tudo Certo, solo career, creative process, and freedom.

CLAUDIA: Looking forward to the premiere?
JULIA: Yes! Cinema has this time that is a little different from music and I think it generates this curiosity. We record a disc with an interval of a maximum of 6 months like that and the series takes longer to edit, you know, to finalize…

CLAUDIA: How did this project come about? How did he come to you? Because it was not her first work as an actress (she appears in the cast of the film “Confissões de Adolescente”, directed by Daniel Filho)
JULIA: It’s true. Well, to make a small presentation, I have a degree in performing arts, but since the beginning of college, a desire to compose music began to emerge. And then, when I saw it, I was more tied to music than to the theater itself. And then came Bala Desejo and I just let myself be carried away by the music. But I had made a promise to myself because I am very passionate about the two areas, “I will pursue music and I will let cinema and theater pursue me, but I will always be open to all these opportunities”.

CLAUDIA: And your song Mudar o Mundo was used in the trailer for Tá Tudo Certo, right?
JULIA: Yes, it’s about embracing the song and I’m still curious to see the complete series because it closes the story.

CLAUDIA: But then, how did your participation as an actress come about as well?
JULIA: For Felipe Simas (producer and creator of the series), who is connected to cinema and who always wanted to make a series where he could bring together artists of that generation. Tá Tudo Certo has a music focus but unites the 2 worlds. It was at that moment when the girls were listening to my music that I think he might have thought of me to be part of the cast. Also to be there as a great partner of Ana! We have the chemistry of a friendship that is in the series too.

CLAUDIA: Did you identify with the story of Pedro and Ana?
JULIA: Yes, it’s a great theme for anyone experiencing this clash between the record label and the independent label, which will be unraveled in the romantic story between the two protagonists, Ana and Pedro. I identify a lot with this great impasse, about what is best for a career and or following the heart. We often see ourselves very shaped by the system of how things are what the series suggests is to follow your heart because if you are confident and believe in your music, your project will work.

CLAUDIA: And Changing the World talks about these anxieties?
JULIA: Yes, I wrote it a cappella going to college, and it’s a sincere song about believing, that I know I’m going to change the world with my voice, I have faith. [sings a snippet of the song]

CLAUDIA: And what was it like finding time to record, with a schedule as busy as yours?
JULIA: Yeah, it was crazy. I was going through the process of making the album by Bala Escolha – the album recording the album – and then, suddenly, Felipe Simas called and said “Hi, Ju, I’m here with the script. I thought about you, what do you think? Remember I said I was going to let the theater run after me? When this opportunity came, I couldn’t refuse, even more so with a person whose trajectory I admire so much. I agreed at the time, but I confess that it was difficult for me.

JULIA: Because I have more experience with the theater and with the stage, performing and filming was a challenge for me. Everything is small here, right? It’s a look, it’s that conversation that is sincere and true. So it was another time for me, I was very agitated and I had to calm down. Also, I had to really connect with creating a character. But I love challenges. [laughter]

CLAUDIA: Did the use of your own names help or confuse you more?
JULIA: Felipe wanted to play a lot with this duality [between fiction and reality] because they are already well-known faces in music, but you see their characters like Pedro Calazans still wanting to fight for the life of a singer. This is no longer his reality. Toni Garrido is an executive at a major label, everyone lives a fictional character. I’m Julia, a music producer who lives with Ana and is on the side of independent music. I identify a lot with the character, because I am also into independent music, with independent distribution, but what was cool is that Felipe made us very comfortable, including creating the costumes, so that we were comfortable. It was a welcoming process.

CLAUDIA: The cast was already friends before the series, how did they stay after the recordings?
JULIA: It was a moment when I was really able to connect with the music scene I belong to, something that no matter how much we are part of the same niche, life is hectic and does not allow for these encounters. Now we meet all the time and I am very grateful for the series.

CLAUDIA: And your solo work with Deus Inebriante? How has it been?
JULIA: It’s been a very busy time. The Julia of two years ago is already another Julia, right? After a year of Bala Wish, having won the Grammy, I feel that we have also matured as an artist. And now I come with my second solo album, after all this trajectory, I feel that I have matured musically, in my composition as well as my voice. Coincidentally, my album will be released on the same day as the Disney series, also on April 12th.

CLAUDIA: And what were your inspirations?
JULIA: Since I did a project singing Rita Lee, I felt very inspired by her and her songwriting style and started to dive into the 80s too, stealing a little from Marina Lima. [laughter]

CLAUDIA: Going back to Tá Tudo Certo, any expectations?
JULIA: I don’t like to create expectations, I prefer to be surprised, but being on a channel [Disney] that I grew up following Disney… A lot of what I saw there inspired me to be the artist that I am today so I’m proud, honored, and thrilled to also be part of the first time in a series on the platform that has always motivated children to follow their dreams, I think this is the most beautiful thing about art. It’s about inspiring other people and getting them to create too and that it’s “all right”! [laughter]


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