The Wonderful Mrs. Maisel returns to “normal”… is that good?

After three episodes detailing her future, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel returned to its “traditional” rhythm and format: expendable musical scenes, comic scenes repeating old conflicts, Midge (Rachel Brosnahan) flirted with, but professionally ignored and once again self-sabotaging, etc. Especially now that we know what’s going to happen in her life and career, there’s even less interest in whether we’re going to go back to what we already saw. Midge and Joel will not reconcile, she will be famous and that leaves only two doubts: the fate of her parents and, in particular, what will lead her to break up with her main supporter, Susie (Alex Borstein).

The relationship between the two has always been confused. They waited until the final season to “confirm” Susie’s sexuality, which has no bearing on her dynamic with Midge but will certainly be an issue soon. After all, in addition to mixing up her client with her mob issues, many clues have been glaring in previous episodes that Susie has a personal connection to someone connected to the Gordon Ford Show. Precisely his wife, Hedy (Nina Arianda) is an ex-girlfriend of hers. Considering that Midge is being harassed by Gordon, the formula for disaster is taking shape. Will we still care?


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