I don’t get it: Is Ebba with or against Lukas in Succession?

There are a few things about the final season of Succession that are kind of bugging me. Logan died in the third episode and since then where has his body gone? The children cried for him, but they’ve already been to Sweden, they’re back, they had a party at home, they’re walking around, and … no burial? Where is Marcia? Where are the lawyers to talk about inheritance? Is it because there are only a few episodes to fit all in?

Well, Shiv is repeating her season two trajectory and is so resentful of Kendall and Roman that she doesn’t even read Lukas Matsson properly. She started betraying her brothers before securing her role in the new company, which was so stupid because not only Lukas clearly doesn’t like nepotism or the women in charge, but he had no plans at all for her anywhere. His jokes are homophobic, sexist, Nazi, and dangerous, but Shiv only thinks about what she wants: to humiliate the brothers while outsmarting them. Kendall and Roman don’t deserve to be pitied, but their lack of transparent conversation is one of the Roy children’s biggest stupidities. When Shiv and Tom finally come clean, the picture is clear and doubts dissipate. Why doesn’t she frame the brothers?

Shiv’s Elektra complex draws her to Lukas like a bee to honey. Nor does the important information about sexual and moral harassment within GoJo bother her if she can make the best of the situation. Now it’s late and the brothers not only already know everything, but also have vital information: Lukas lied about the numbers and ‘needs’ to buy Waystar Royco to hush up the scandal and – hopefully – get away with the crime he’s committing. For less Shiv blasted Kendall (and he also lied, but about projections – he claims – that could be wrong, he didn’t lie about subscriber numbers, like Lukas). Shiv is more in Lukas’ hands than he is in hers and that’s because she didn’t take his harassment of the Director of Communications, Ebba, seriously.

Can’t blame Shiv on that one. Ebba is dubious. Lukas is clearly obsessed with her. His criminal provocations range from classic moral harassment to sexual harassment in the blink of an eye. Sending a half-liter frozen brick of his blood is one of the things Lukas says started out as a “joke” but is still going on. And he keeps the faith that even though he knows all the skeletons in the company, Ebba won’t leave.

What gets even weirder is that apparently tired of the Power games, Ebba made a little dent at Shiv’s party by revealing to Kendall and Roman about Lukas’ troublesome numbers in India. Only, seconds later, if you pay attention to the background of the scene, she is seen exchanging affection with her boss. Duplicity?

Ebba is played by Norwegian actress Eili Harboe, who was successful in her country starring in the 2017 film Thelma. Her character, Ebba, is now vital for Roman and Kendall’s game changer. What does she really want? I know I want her to destroy the arrogant Lukas Matsson. And she can take Shiv along. After all, at this point? She had it coming.

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