Similar plot, and a similar mission, yet impossible to refuse!

If adventure movies want to highlight that the life of a spy is one explosion per day, we could say that everyone’s routine is predictable, especially Ethan Hunt’s (Tom Cruise). In this, which is the seventh mission that we follow – and which will be divided into two parts – he and his team have to track down a terrifying new weapon that threatens all of humanity before it falls into the wrong hands. In which of the six before was the premise not similar? Okay, that’s the least of it and fans of the franchise know that’s exactly what we like. It seems easy, it becomes impossible and then it is accomplished.

The great achievement of Tom Cruise, after he teamed up with Christopher McQuarrie, was not to despise (almost) any villain or good guy who crossed Ethan’s path over these almost 20 years. And it makes sense, they are people who circulate in this environment! The catch of the mission dubbed Reckoning, is that the lives of those closest to him will be more than ever before, at immediate risk.

The first part premieres in cinemas on July 13th, it is worth immersing yourself in the franchise that keeps Tom in control and worldwide stardom. Here is the official trailer released today. Mission accepts!


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