The look that defined the 1980s

*As published in October 2020

In the 1980s, Siouxsie Sioux led the band that bore his name, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and created one of the most iconic looks in Rock History, which defined a decade, a style, and her own persona forever.

Eyes super marked with eyeliner and black shadows and red lips are the trademarks.

Siouxsie, who was very fashion-conscious and at the heart of the punk movement in the 1970s, aimed to cause awkwardness. That’s why the strong make-up, the frayed hair, did not shave, wore earrings and necklaces superimposed and mixed lace, dresses, and leggings with masculine pieces such as leather jackets.

The eyes – which highlighted their blue – were where she paid the most attention. Lined, smoky, dark shadows (or colored), going beyond the limits of the eyes, redrawing the eyebrows, and remembering cats. To counterbalance the dark tones, she really liked to bet on the silver eyeshadow near the eyebrows and inside the eyes. She finished off with her lips always very red. It was the singer’s rock signature.

Remember some versions of the looks

And here, is a tutorial to do the same, especially on Halloween.


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