The naughty Savannah Phillips

Every family has a naughty kid who often leads their cousins ​​to some mischief. In the case of the Royal Family, the crown goes to Savannah Phillips, the eldest granddaughter of Princess Anne, and great-granddaughter of Elizabeth II.

Savannah was born in 2010, the result of the union of the Queen’s grandson, Peter Philips, with Canadian Autumn Kelly.

Playful, she is very close to her cousins ​​George and Charlotte and encourages them to “mess up” in public. The couples Peter and Autumn and William and Kate are often seen together and the children have fun when they are together.

Currently, Savannah, who does not have the title of princess because her grandmother did not give the titles to her children, is 16th in the order of succession. Let’s review some of the cutest moments from Savannah, the queen of anti-protocol.

Ice cream in the nose, because it’s more fun, Isla and Savannah Phillips, and making cousin Prince George hold his Laughing at Princess Eugenie‘s Marriage Ceremony.

Savannah shares a secret with Charlotte at Princess Eugenie‘s wedding, “George, shhh”- shutting up the future King, and with Charlotte and George

Having fun on the toboggan, Pulling Charlotte’s Dress, Why not turn it upside down?

Ice cream is for the nose, teaching cousins ​​to run is Savannah’s preference

On uncle’s Mike Tindall, With cousin Mia Tindall


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