The genius behind Bridgerton’s clothes

You cannot tell a story right in movies, even more so in period stories, without a proper wardrobe. Clothes are essential for actors and audience and the fact that Bridgerton have Ellen Mirojnick‘s signature proves that Shonda Rhimes never plays around.

Ellen is one of the most brilliant designers in Hollywood and since the 80s have created some of the iconic looks that left the screen and went to the streets. Angelina Jolie and – specially – Michael Douglas, mainly work with her. Right before Bridgerton, she dazzled us in The Greatest Show.

The colors, the details, the wigs are so amazing in Bridgerton that it’s worth a binge for that focus alone. There were alone 7,500 pieces made for the first season. Actor Phoebe Dynevor, who plays Daphne Bridgerton, wore 100 dresses handmade.

Ellen shines in period movies and series, but her signature is contemporary. She won an Emmy for Behind Candeladra, but her partnership with Douglas, that lasts for more than 40 years, started in Adrian Lyne‘s Fatal Attraction. em Atração Fatal.

She is the one behind Douglas’ iconic and Oscar winner look for Wall Street too.

In Basic Instinct ,Sharon Stone‘s wardrobe are more than amazing. Ellen chose the white palette for the villain, playing around with the pre-established perceptions and avoiding overly sexy clothes for the sexual character. Who can forget “that” white dress?

With Angelina Jolie, Ellen worked on By the Sea, where she shines in style

They were back together in Malificent, Mistress of Evil, where Ellen Fanning‘s and Michele Pfeiffer‘s looks are also stunning.

The designer particularly enjoyed the work in The Greatest Show, creating more updated outfits such as the ones of Jenny Lind, played by Rebecca Fergunson. Yet another beautiful white dress made for Movie History.

In Bridgerton, Ellen Mirojnick made a daring decision. “No bonnets”.

The cast was nervous in not ruining the beautiful clothes as they worked. For Phoebe Dynevor it was a challenge as many scenes were in the rain, the garden, the grass… Since it was part of the plot, she was “forgiven”.

Remember some of the amazing looks in Bridgerton.

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