Will it be just like that indeed?

After teasing a teaser, Sarah Jessica Parker has confirmed that Sex and the City will have a reboot. Or, as she prefers, will be revisited. Updated to current times, there is already an official Instagram account.

“Just like that” is a very usual phrase that fans grew used to hearing Carrie Bradshaw saying. Usually, each episode would open with a question (“I couldn’t help but wonder”), followed by a conflict, and then, “just like that”, a conclusion. This breakdown of each episode started to be used sometime in Season 2 and became one of the show’s signatures. So, quoting itself to start the new chapter hints at fun.

As very publicly suggested, Kim Cattrall has confirmed that Samantha Jones will no longer be part of the story. Some wondered if only the actress was going to be replaced, but, as Kim already said more than once, the character Samantha is done and so is Kim with the series. Without any suspense, Samantha is out.

It’s a pity as Samantha was not only a frequent comic relief, she was the one who had the most daring – frequently outrageous – storylines too. Her often aggressive assertions balanced Miranda’s rationality, Charlotte’s romantic delusions, and Carrie’s ups and downs. As the character had cancer in the final season, something referred to in the movies as well, it’s very likely she will be killed off. I also suspect she’ll be replaced with a brand new character, maybe younger but definitely not conventional.

As far as the “husbands” go not a word has been mentioned, especially about Mr. Big (Chris Noth). It’s not a surprise that upon her return, Carrie being Carrie, she would easily find herself tangling with new emotional problems. So maybe she is divorced from Big? The only one who hadn’t had a marital problem was Charlotte and her daughters are teenagers/young adults by now.

The new Instagram account speaks directly to what Sex and The City were left without social media. It will be interesting to follow it.

As a consequence of Sex and the City‘s return, it could mean that Sarah Jessica Parker‘s latest series, Divorce, also on HBO, could not return for its third season.

Sex and the City‘s showrunner, Darren Star, is also currently involved with Emily In Paris, at Netflix, and had confirmed the second season for some time in 2021/2022. Emily Cooper (Lilly Collins), by the way, is very close to Carrie in fashion, love confusion, and narrative. I can’t help but wonder, would it be possible that one day they could meet in a platform crossover? And just like that, it would be both historical and hysterical.

In any case, I am curious and anxious for the next chapter of Sex and the City. Welcome back, Carrie Bradshaw!

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