2021, a year of anniversaries for the Windsors

In 2021, the Royal Family reaches important dates within all generations. Starting in April 21, on Queen Elizabeth‘s 95th Birthday, her 69th year as United Kingdom’s Monarch. It’s not for nothing the trend of gifs and memes about her longevity is so popular nowadays.

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A week later, on the 29th, prince William and Kate Middleton celebrate their tin anniversary, in other words, 10 years of marriage! Already?

Time flies and they have three kids now, George, Charlotte and Louis, all in line to the Crown after their dad.

Kate met William in college, where they were first friends and roomates, then fell in love. She’s waited a decade to walk down the aisle, but she is undoubtedly the future King’s most trusted person.

Initially shy, the Duchess of Cambridge has evolved in style and confidence. Today she and William are among the seniors of the Royal Family, with a heavy public agenda. The tendency is only to “get worse” as they get closer to the throne. Remember some of the moments of the couple in the last 10 years.

Still in 2021, in June, prince Philip reaches his 100th year of age. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, are expected to be in England then.

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Also, in 2021, princes William and Harry will be together to celebrate what would have been princess Diana‘s 60th Birthday, on June 1st. Definitely an important year for the Royals.

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