In three years, Elizabeth II may break a 306 years old world record

Next year, Elizabeth II will celebrate her Platinum Jubilee. She already is longest living monarch in British History, 70 years (in 2022) as Queen. However, she is not yet the longest ever monarch in History, that record still belongs to Louis XIV of France, the Sun King.

Louis XIV was King for impressive 72 years, a record all his still 306 years after. Maybe not for long. After all, as the meme trend confirms, Queen Elizabeth II is immortal and should she decide to stay on the throne three years more, the record is hers.

Louis XIV was one of the most known Kings of all times and inherited the crown when he was only four years old (he was crowned at 15 and ruled alone after 22). He passed when he was 77 years old. As of April 2021, Elizabeth will be 95.

Elizabeth II was crowned Queen at 26 years old and have witnessed so many events, including two world wars. Three years seem like nothing at this point. My money is on her!

As a curiosity, Netflix has series on both monarchs worth watching, The Crown and Versailles.

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