A dress for History

Designer Sir Norman Hartnell got new bust into popularity in 2020 after princess Beatrice borrowed one of his creations to her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, to get married.

A Queen’s favorite, Sir Norman signed most of her majesty’s most classic looks, from her wedding dress to the coronation gown.

Sir Norman, passed away in 1979, and since young was into fashion and design. Stars such as Vivien Leigh, Elizabeth Taylor and Marlene Dietrich wore his creations but the big turn into royalty came in 1935, when Lady Alice Montagu selected him to create her wedding dress, as well as the dresses of the bride’s maids, no other than the princesses Margaret and Elizabeth. That’s how their collaboration started, From wedding to another, Elizabeth II turned to him to design her own wedding dress in 1947. Five years later, her coronation gown as well.

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Filled with details to pay homage to hear kingdom and the commonwealth, the coronation gown became such a favorite that she wore it six times in different occasions. It’s the Queen’s most emblematic in almost 70 years on the throne. The final version was a result of eight months of research and nine versions. Her majesty was directly involved with the creative process.

In 2018, Meghan Markle paid homage to the Queen in her own weeding dress including the embroidery with the different flowers of the Commonwealth in her veil.

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Sir Norman’s dresses were recreated in the series The Crown.

Sir Norman made a small surprise to the Queen himself that was revealed this week. He took the liberty of embroidering a four-leaf green on the dress as a “good luck” message to the monarch. Almost 70 years later, it seems to have worked.

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