When William gave Diana a real scare

In 1991, prince Charles and princess Diana were supposed to celebrate their 10th year anniversary, but, at that point, they were barely on speaking terms. One domestic incident contributed to set the couple even farther apart, an accident with prince William, who was hospitalized for days as an emergency. While Diana stood by her son, Charles didn’t change his schedule and visited his heir for a few hours only. (And some still question why the marriage could never work…). How did it happen?

On June 3rd, 1991, a couple of days after Diana‘s birthday, William, barely 9 years old, was playing at his school when he was struck with a blow to the head by a golf club wielded by a friend. The young prince was diagnosed with a depressed fracture and underwent a seventy-minute corrective operation. The result was two days in observation and twenty-four stitches. William fondly calls it as his own Harry Potter scar.”

Diana was photographed arriving at the hospital.

Although he was at the hospital waiting for his son, Charles was criticised at the time because as soon as he’s heard that the danger was discarded, he went on with his usual engagements. leaving Diana and William to go the opera.

Looking back at the articles written at the time is curious.

After this scare, William never made the news again due his health, with an exception of 2020, when he was infected with Covid-19. Apart from that, it’s a 24 stitches scar with a happy ending.

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