Marianne Faithfull: Loyalty to the test of time and controversy

Marianne Faithfull will be 75 years old in December 2021. And what a life! In these seven decades, she has faced ups and downs like a few others, from fame to poverty, from idyllic life to heroin-addicted streets. He beat cancer, Covid-19… It’s no wonder that there’s finally a movie in his honor starring the equally stylish Lucy Boynton. (Production delayed because of the pandemic)

I wrote about Marianne’s life for CLAUDIA in April 2020, when she was admitted to London and spent two weeks at the CTI. In the article, I recalled a little about her trajectory and cultural importance. Well, today, almost a year later, Marianne announces that she will release a new album She Walks In Beauty, another partnership with the great Warren Ellis. The album’s importance, once again a testament to this pop icon’s incredible ability to survive, is sure to feature exciting melodies and arrangements by Warren (partner of the equally brilliant Nick Cave) and sensitive lyrics by Marianne. A featuring for 2021!

To remember or get to know Marianne and her importance in music, fashion, literature, and pop culture, click here for CLAUDIA’s article. (in Portuguese)


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